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AXI4-Stream Infrastructure IP Suite (PG085)

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1.1 English


The remap string parameters are used to remap input to output bytes/bits of the

The format of the remap user parameter follows syntax similar to Verilog vector concatenation.

The remap parameter is a comma separated list of elements.   

Each element is either a constant or a bit slice of one or more SI signals.

°For example, if SI and MI TDATA width have the same value 32, the remap string tdata[31:0] passes the entire TDATA signal from SI to MI unmodified.    

°If the MI TDATA signal were 24 bits and the SI TDATA signal were 16 bits, a remap string of 8'b00000000,tdata[15:0] assigns a constant 0 to the upper 8 bits of the MI signal and pass the SI TDATA through on the lower 16 bits.

A bit-slice element can reference a single bit of an SI signal (e.g., TDATA[0]) or a vector slice of an SI signal (e.g., tdata[11:8]).

°The index values must not exceed the indices of the SI signal.

The same SI bit can be mapped multiple times into the MI output.

°For example, tdata[7:0], tdata[7:0] repeats the SI TDATA least significant byte twice on MI signal.

The combined width of the constants and the SI bit slices in the remap parameter must match the MI signal width.

The right-most element defines the least significant bits of the MI signal and the left-most element defines the most significant bits of the MI signal.

The remap string can reference bits of the corresponding SI signal or bits from another remappable SI signal.

°For example, the remap string for TDATA may reference bits from the TUSER SI signal.

Constant elements and bit-slice elements can be freely mixed in the comma separated list of elements.

°For example, tdata[7:0],8'b00000000,tdata[15:8] is a valid expression.

Only binary format constant elements are supported.

°h format is not supported.

The constant element must specify the number of bits that follow b and the number of bits that follow b must match the number of bits specified. If not, a validation error is given.

If the SI signal width is 0, the remap string must be a constant element.

If the MI signal width is 0, the remap string is 1'b0.

Bit slices are only valid when the SI signal width is greater than 0.

When using IP inside of Vivado IP integrator, both m_axis and s_axis port widths of the remapped value should be set to manual override if write_bd_tcl is used.

Generate TLAST

This parameter can be set if the TLAST signal is enabled on the master interface, but not on the slave interface. The number specifies how many transfers to count before asserting the TLAST signal. A value of 0 indicates that the TLAST signal should always be de-asserted. Conversely, a value of 1 indicates that the TLAST signal should be asserted on every transfer. A value of 2 indicates that the TLAST signal should be asserted on every other transfer and so on. Values 0 and 256 are accepted.


If set to Yes, this parameter specifies if the optional ACLKEN signal is present with all the AXI4-Stream interfaces clocks.