Creating a Project - 1.1 English

AXI4-Stream Infrastructure IP Suite (PG085)

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1.1 English

First, create a new project using the Vivado Design Suite. For detailed information on starting and using the Vivado Design Suite, see the Vivado documentation.

Perform the following steps:

1.Start the Vivado Design Suite.

2.Choose File > New Project from the menu.

3.Using the Create New Vivado Project wizard. Click Next.

4.Select a Project Name:

a.Modify the project name, if desired.

b.Specify the Project location using the text box or the directory navigator.

c.Click Next.

5.Select a Project Type:

a.Choose RTL Project.

b.Ensure the "Do not specify sources at this time" checkbox is checked.

c.Click Next.

6.   Select the Default Part.

a.Select the target family, device, package, and speed grade.
Example: Kintex-7, xc7k325t-ffg900-1

Note:   If an unsupported family is selected, the IP core does not appear in the IP catalog.

b.Click Next.

7.Review Project Summary.

a.If the summary does not look correct, click the Back button and resolve the issue.

b.Click Finish to create the project.

After creating the project, the IP cores are available for selection in the IP catalog, located at AXI Infrastructure Taxonomy.