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DPUCAHX8H for Convolutional Neural Networks (PG367)

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The Vitis™ Integrated Design Environment (IDE) version 2020.2 is required to integrate the DPU into your projects. Contact your local sales representative if the project requires an older version of the Vitis™ software platform.

Note: For timing closure issues, use Vivado® Design Suite 2020.2 instead of 2021.1.

Device Resources

The DPUCAHX8H can only be deployed on the Alveo U50/U50LV and U280 cards.

For more information on resource utilization, see DPU Configuration.

DPU Development Flow

The DPU is available with the software development stack of Vitis AI development kit. Free developer resources can be obtained from the Xilinx website.

The Vitis AI User Guide (UG1414) describes how to use the DPU for deploying machine learning applications with the Vitis AI tools. The development flow for DPU applications is summarized in the following steps and shown in the following figure.

  1. Use the Vitis tool to generate the bitstream.
  2. Download the bitstream to the target board. For instructions on how to set up a running environment for DPU applications, refer to the Vitis AI User Guide (UG1414).
Figure 1. DPU Development Flow