Texture Management [Deprecated]#

HIP Runtime API Reference: Texture Management [Deprecated]
Texture Management [Deprecated]
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hipError_t hipGetTextureReference (const textureReference **texref, const void *symbol)
 Gets the texture reference related with the symbol. More...
hipError_t hipTexRefSetAddressMode (textureReference *texRef, int dim, enum hipTextureAddressMode am)
hipError_t hipTexRefSetArray (textureReference *tex, hipArray_const_t array, unsigned int flags)
hipError_t hipTexRefSetFilterMode (textureReference *texRef, enum hipTextureFilterMode fm)
hipError_t hipTexRefSetFlags (textureReference *texRef, unsigned int Flags)
hipError_t hipTexRefSetFormat (textureReference *texRef, hipArray_Format fmt, int NumPackedComponents)
hipError_t hipBindTexture (size_t *offset, const textureReference *tex, const void *devPtr, const hipChannelFormatDesc *desc, size_t size __dparm(UINT_MAX))
hipError_t hipBindTexture2D (size_t *offset, const textureReference *tex, const void *devPtr, const hipChannelFormatDesc *desc, size_t width, size_t height, size_t pitch)
hipError_t hipBindTextureToArray (const textureReference *tex, hipArray_const_t array, const hipChannelFormatDesc *desc)
hipError_t hipGetTextureAlignmentOffset (size_t *offset, const textureReference *texref)
hipError_t hipUnbindTexture (const textureReference *tex)
hipError_t hipTexRefGetAddress (hipDeviceptr_t *dev_ptr, const textureReference *texRef)
hipError_t hipTexRefGetAddressMode (enum hipTextureAddressMode *pam, const textureReference *texRef, int dim)
hipError_t hipTexRefGetFilterMode (enum hipTextureFilterMode *pfm, const textureReference *texRef)
hipError_t hipTexRefGetFlags (unsigned int *pFlags, const textureReference *texRef)
hipError_t hipTexRefGetFormat (hipArray_Format *pFormat, int *pNumChannels, const textureReference *texRef)
hipError_t hipTexRefGetMaxAnisotropy (int *pmaxAnsio, const textureReference *texRef)
hipError_t hipTexRefGetMipmapFilterMode (enum hipTextureFilterMode *pfm, const textureReference *texRef)
hipError_t hipTexRefGetMipmapLevelBias (float *pbias, const textureReference *texRef)
hipError_t hipTexRefGetMipmapLevelClamp (float *pminMipmapLevelClamp, float *pmaxMipmapLevelClamp, const textureReference *texRef)
hipError_t hipTexRefGetMipMappedArray (hipMipmappedArray_t *pArray, const textureReference *texRef)
hipError_t hipTexRefSetAddress (size_t *ByteOffset, textureReference *texRef, hipDeviceptr_t dptr, size_t bytes)
hipError_t hipTexRefSetAddress2D (textureReference *texRef, const HIP_ARRAY_DESCRIPTOR *desc, hipDeviceptr_t dptr, size_t Pitch)
hipError_t hipTexRefSetMaxAnisotropy (textureReference *texRef, unsigned int maxAniso)
hipError_t hipTexRefSetBorderColor (textureReference *texRef, float *pBorderColor)
hipError_t hipTexRefSetMipmapFilterMode (textureReference *texRef, enum hipTextureFilterMode fm)
hipError_t hipTexRefSetMipmapLevelBias (textureReference *texRef, float bias)
hipError_t hipTexRefSetMipmapLevelClamp (textureReference *texRef, float minMipMapLevelClamp, float maxMipMapLevelClamp)
hipError_t hipTexRefSetMipmappedArray (textureReference *texRef, struct hipMipmappedArray *mipmappedArray, unsigned int Flags)

Detailed Description

This section describes the deprecated texture management functions of HIP runtime API.

Function Documentation

◆ hipBindTexture()

hipError_t hipBindTexture ( size_t *  offset,
const textureReference tex,
const void *  devPtr,
const hipChannelFormatDesc desc,
size_t size   __dparmUINT_MAX 

◆ hipBindTexture2D()

hipError_t hipBindTexture2D ( size_t *  offset,
const textureReference tex,
const void *  devPtr,
const hipChannelFormatDesc desc,
size_t  width,
size_t  height,
size_t  pitch 

◆ hipBindTextureToArray()

hipError_t hipBindTextureToArray ( const textureReference tex,
hipArray_const_t  array,
const hipChannelFormatDesc desc 

◆ hipGetTextureAlignmentOffset()

hipError_t hipGetTextureAlignmentOffset ( size_t *  offset,
const textureReference texref 

◆ hipGetTextureReference()

hipError_t hipGetTextureReference ( const textureReference **  texref,
const void *  symbol 

Gets the texture reference related with the symbol.

[out]texreftexture reference
[in]symbolpointer to the symbol related with the texture for the reference
hipSuccess, hipErrorInvalidValue

◆ hipTexRefGetAddress()

hipError_t hipTexRefGetAddress ( hipDeviceptr_t dev_ptr,
const textureReference texRef 

◆ hipTexRefGetAddressMode()

hipError_t hipTexRefGetAddressMode ( enum hipTextureAddressMode pam,
const textureReference texRef,
int  dim 

◆ hipTexRefGetFilterMode()

hipError_t hipTexRefGetFilterMode ( enum hipTextureFilterMode pfm,
const textureReference texRef 

◆ hipTexRefGetFlags()

hipError_t hipTexRefGetFlags ( unsigned int *  pFlags,
const textureReference texRef 

◆ hipTexRefGetFormat()

hipError_t hipTexRefGetFormat ( hipArray_Format pFormat,
int *  pNumChannels,
const textureReference texRef 

◆ hipTexRefGetMaxAnisotropy()

hipError_t hipTexRefGetMaxAnisotropy ( int *  pmaxAnsio,
const textureReference texRef 

◆ hipTexRefGetMipmapFilterMode()

hipError_t hipTexRefGetMipmapFilterMode ( enum hipTextureFilterMode pfm,
const textureReference texRef 

◆ hipTexRefGetMipmapLevelBias()

hipError_t hipTexRefGetMipmapLevelBias ( float *  pbias,
const textureReference texRef 

◆ hipTexRefGetMipmapLevelClamp()

hipError_t hipTexRefGetMipmapLevelClamp ( float *  pminMipmapLevelClamp,
float *  pmaxMipmapLevelClamp,
const textureReference texRef 

◆ hipTexRefGetMipMappedArray()

hipError_t hipTexRefGetMipMappedArray ( hipMipmappedArray_t *  pArray,
const textureReference texRef 

◆ hipTexRefSetAddress()

hipError_t hipTexRefSetAddress ( size_t *  ByteOffset,
textureReference texRef,
hipDeviceptr_t  dptr,
size_t  bytes 

◆ hipTexRefSetAddress2D()

hipError_t hipTexRefSetAddress2D ( textureReference texRef,
hipDeviceptr_t  dptr,
size_t  Pitch 

◆ hipTexRefSetAddressMode()

hipError_t hipTexRefSetAddressMode ( textureReference texRef,
int  dim,
enum hipTextureAddressMode  am 

◆ hipTexRefSetArray()

hipError_t hipTexRefSetArray ( textureReference tex,
hipArray_const_t  array,
unsigned int  flags 

◆ hipTexRefSetBorderColor()

hipError_t hipTexRefSetBorderColor ( textureReference texRef,
float *  pBorderColor 

◆ hipTexRefSetFilterMode()

hipError_t hipTexRefSetFilterMode ( textureReference texRef,
enum hipTextureFilterMode  fm 

◆ hipTexRefSetFlags()

hipError_t hipTexRefSetFlags ( textureReference texRef,
unsigned int  Flags 

◆ hipTexRefSetFormat()

hipError_t hipTexRefSetFormat ( textureReference texRef,
hipArray_Format  fmt,
int  NumPackedComponents 

◆ hipTexRefSetMaxAnisotropy()

hipError_t hipTexRefSetMaxAnisotropy ( textureReference texRef,
unsigned int  maxAniso 

◆ hipTexRefSetMipmapFilterMode()

hipError_t hipTexRefSetMipmapFilterMode ( textureReference texRef,
enum hipTextureFilterMode  fm 

◆ hipTexRefSetMipmapLevelBias()

hipError_t hipTexRefSetMipmapLevelBias ( textureReference texRef,
float  bias 

◆ hipTexRefSetMipmapLevelClamp()

hipError_t hipTexRefSetMipmapLevelClamp ( textureReference texRef,
float  minMipMapLevelClamp,
float  maxMipMapLevelClamp 

◆ hipTexRefSetMipmappedArray()

hipError_t hipTexRefSetMipmappedArray ( textureReference texRef,
struct hipMipmappedArray mipmappedArray,
unsigned int  Flags 

◆ hipUnbindTexture()

hipError_t hipUnbindTexture ( const textureReference tex)